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Armando Correia

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Armando Dias Correia

[ar di co].pt

Some of my special works

My Internet skills

My creative skills.

I like to think that I'm very creative and, specially, a hard worker...


In the last 27 years, I've done several websites (namely the ones mentioned above and still alive). I was a specialist on Flash, I did several animated websites with this fantastic tool.


Nowadays, I am a good practitioner of the Laravel framework (PHP OOP), using MySQL, composer an NPM as dependency managers.


I've done an Interesting use of Leaflet when I was at the Hidrographic Institute (I did the actual website).


Now I'm interested in Digital Transformation!


Photoshop 90%
WSL2/Docker/kubernetes 90%
JavaScript/Json/Ajax/Leaflet 75%
Laravel/PHP/SQL/... 90%

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Armando Correia
Lisbon, Portugal
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